I am Birdie, the Hair Braider. I provide hair braiding services to children and adults. My services are available in Great Mills, MD. I am 100% dedicated to providing quality service to all existing and prospective clients. Each location has a tab in the menu (the square in the right hand corner with the lines). Each location has pictures of each style, pricing, details of the style. For pictures of each style, please click on the downward arrow. 



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 22325 Greenview Parkway 
Unit 1B

 Great Mills, MD 20634

Scheduling link: Braided-up.as.me


Saturday:                    8:00 a.m  - 4:00   p.m.

Sunday:                      1:00  p.m - 7:00  p.m.  

Monday-Thursday :       10:00 a.m -  8:00 p.m.

Friday's are

Walk-in days               9:00 a.m -    4:00pm

Weekend Availability by Appointment Request Only!


March 14th

March 24th

April 3rd- April 5th 

April 29-May 3rd 

May 8th-May 10th

May 15th- May 17th


PLEASE NOTE: Weekend availability is released 2 weeks in advance only.